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What People Are Saying About
Working With D Grant Smith
Danetra D.
Before doing the Be Solid Training program, Danetra struggled with negative self-thoughts that made her miserable, stressed out and caused her to sabotage a lot of things, particularly relationships. She felt defeated, like nothing was going her way.

Through working with D Grant she was able to overcome the influence of negative thoughts to empower her own greatness. She grew her self-love, patience, and gained stronger communication skills.

Now she feels confident in herself and her ability to push through obstacles instead of operating from a self-defeatist mindset.

The lesson on Spirituality was her favorite in the program because it helped her overcome a fear of rejection and brought her out of a spiritual funk and into a place where she needed to be.
Jena G.
Jena's biggest struggle was lack of confidence.

She tried to overcome this through communication, often over-communicating her feelings instead of standing in her power. Through the Be Solid Program she gained the ability to be in the moment and learn how to be still.

This led to a dramatic increase in her sense of self-worth, not settling for what she could get or compromising in her relationships. She also gained a more powerful understanding of kindness where she doesn't let herself be treated as a doormat to others.

Through the coaching portion she dramatically grew her self-care and self-love practices to stand in her voice and power, impacting her relationships in powerful and healthy ways. 
Jena G.
Lindsay B.
Before working with D Grant, Lindsay didn't believe in herself.

She felt overwhelmed, lost, and stuck no matter what she tried. She'd worked with coaches and meditations but nothing had made a lasting impact. She was unsure of herself and her purpose. 

Through the training in the Be Solid program and the coaching with D Grant, she feels clear, calm, and enthusiastic about her life.

She loved the coaching sessions in particular, feeling that D Grant's direction and wisdom brought her peace in understanding exactly what she was going through in rebuilding herself after divorce.

She says "I was trying on my own for a year before I started working with D and once he started coaching me, I made more progress in 3 months than the entire year previous!"
Taylor O.
Taylor struggled with being overly critical of himself, comparing himself to others in a self-defeatist way.

He rarely acted out of confidence despite being a phenomenal musician and guitarist. This lack of confidence made him feel like he wasn’t who he wanted to be and wasn’t attracting the right people into his life.

Through the Be Solid program things shifted in his life & work. He attracted new opportunities for his music to perform with grade A talent during the Covid-19 pandemic when music gigs were nearly impossible to find.

He was able to land gigs that most musicians dream about and attract new opportunities for ongoing work.

He also moved into a level of confidence where he isn’t trying to keep people who are unhealthy or un-encouraging in his life out of a codependent mentality.

He’s free from that, doesn’t take things personally and feels comfortable letting things be and being fully himself without owing anyone anything.
Taylor O.
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